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Fursuit + Racing gear =

Took some not so great photos tonight with a friend of myself in suit, trying out a possible outfit for mff.  I am about 7 foot tall to the ear tips in suit, 6'4" out of, heh.  But I had to combine my two favorite things, my racing gear and my fursuit.....

I posted an intro here, but i found, that out of suit I am 6'3" and in suit i reach about 6'7"

There have been improvements to my suit from FWA to AC. Mostly the Airbrushing of the body suit. Makes him look a lot better in pictures.

I <3 Tallsuiters!!

Even though I'm not in suit in these pics (I wish I was) I <3 Tallsuiters!! XD I'm 5'3" in person. These pics are from AC 08 outside the Zoo.

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Hey, Hello, and Hiya

Just stumbled upon this group and figured I need to join too. Out of suit, I'm 5'7"...but in full suit, I stretch the ruler to somewhere around 7'4". I usually tuck the extra material for the stilts under and walk around short with bellbottoms, but I put on the stilts for parades.

The stilts are the jumpy ones and even though I'm too chicken, you *can* jump up to 6' on them.

Hey there!

Well, I've been a member of the group for a while now but since I just got my suit, I figured I'd introduce myself!

Out of suit, I'm about 6 feet, 2 inches tall and in suit, my guess would be that I'm around 6 feet. 7 inches tall.

My suit was made by the awesomely talented joecifur  .

I will be at AC this year, so if you see me in suit, feel free to come up and say hello... after all, I'll be hard to miss!


Hey y'all.  Been waiting to say hey, and have just been lurking, but now I feel I can as my suit is done.  The lovely Hyenagirl made my suit.  Its due here this coming weekend, and I can't wait.   I am 6'4" out of suit, and it suit I will be about 7 foot tall to the eartips.  I will be at AC, and hope to see some of you there!

This isn't the first time this has happened with me, but just let me ask you guys and dolls this, did I kill this community? Now I know some of you are thinking what a dumb question, why are you wasting our time with this garbage? Well, I'll tell you why, it's come to my attention that almost every community I join and post to is either already dead or is on it's way out, but this one was actually going until I posted to it, so I'm just kinda concerned that I did something wrong. If I did, please feel free to tell me, I can deal with it, if not, I'll delete this post and you guys can move on, I'll just lurk around in the shadows so I don't cause a problem.
But please let me know, this has been bothering me for a month now, I just wanna know for my knowledge.
Thanks ya'll,
John, aka, Great Fox

howdy everyone

Well, meet me, I'm John, I'm 6 foot 4 out of suit. Sadly, I don't even have one yet, and I'm looking for someone to make one for me. I've been reading about scribble fox and I know I should just ask him, but at the moment, my job is killing me, working for minimum wage. Thankfully, I have no bills since I live with my parents, so I'm saving up. I got some hard earned cash waiting for the right opportunity, got $500 so far and still saving.

Um, other than that, not much else to say for now. If I could get a little help getting my fox fursuit going that would be great. I want to do something simple, in Josh's likeness. Oh, and if anybody wants to know about Josh, (my little buddy), leave a comment, I don't wanna bore anybody who doesn't care.

Ah well, nice meeting all the friendly tall fursuiters out there, being tall is my best quality.

Thanks ya'll
John, aka, great fox

Big fox is big.

So... Yeah, I said I'd post pics when I had them. ^.^ Here goes:

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Just thought I'd upload a pic...

Here is me at MFF 2007, with another good looking fellow... I was quite beside myself... I found that I was so good looking without fur it wasn't even funny. Me, myself, and I had a great time at the convention.
We even had some rum together... (when I was out of suit as I don't drink while inside suit)