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This is my first post here! I'm not all that tall myself, but propped up on some digi stilts I'm about 6'10". Might i add that I love the added height and overall tallness. ^w^ This is a new fursuit of mine and I've recently decided on the name Fen. So I hope you all like him! <3 I posted the same fursuit on fursuitlounge a few weeks ago, I hope nobody minds. I made the body and stilts and the ever-talented Monoyasha made the amazing head.

Please forgive all the bad dancing and freezing for photos! ^~^'

stupid question....

How tall do you have to be to be a tall fursuiter? the suit that i'm currently working on will make me about 7'5" (I like the idea of having to duck to go under doors)....but in person I'm an unimpressive 5'8"....

(I'll be sure to post some pictures when it's finished *ponts to icon* it's that character that i'm making... isn't she cute?!?!?)

Winter's Comin!

And what's around the corner after that? Further Confusion! :D  I know that this a very early notice of it, or something of the sort. But, I was wondering if anyone was going to be there; and if so. Maybe we should get a Tall Fursuiter's photo or something? Just to be silly or something like that.

But, with winter coming, it also means that cons have passed! And I've gone to a few cons since I've last posted here. I /think/ the the con I posted here last was FC! After that I've been to Califur, Anthrocon, and Rainfurrest! There were a ton of tall fursuiters there; but I'm not sure that they were within this group. I mean, I personally know someone that puts my height to shame. He's gotta be like... 7'somethin' in suit and it just makes me feel short. XD Which is hard to do!

But, anyway. What do ya'll think of the FC shoot thing? 

Hey Ya'alll

Snap E Tiger here.

6'7" 235 lbs of corn-fed Nebraska height.

Countersnap with BushyCat
and Marf with 5'8" Dibbun

YIM: snapEtiger


Hey guys, I've been in the fandom for a long time, but got my first suit recently. Being that I'm 6'6", that's kind of a "big" deal. And he's a pretty big guy. Counting the ears, he just about hits 7 feet. I wanna get the paws redone to be a bit bigger and thicker to make sure he hits 7 feet. If you were at FC '09, you probably saw Bluff sauntering around the con.. he's a bit of a showoff. Anyway, here's some photos of him around the con.

Here's Bluff sauntering around at the Fursuit Parade. Hooray, forced perspective! And here's Bluff sharing a hug 'n dance with our resident huge rottie Xavier. Ain't right to have a dog be bigger than a wolf, right? So I gotta take it back.. ;)


I'm not sure if I count as a tall fursuiter, since I'm only 6' tall... But in suit I ain't tiny, so I guess that counts? :3

Anyways, pics I guess? xD

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All that I'll say is it's nice to finally have a fursuit. X3

First meet

I organized this local meet at Fun Fore All in Cranberry.

I stand about 6'2" and 6'6" in suit

Introducing Niko

Hey guys, I know its been a while for me, but Ive been so busy lately with everything. Anyway, after a successful debut at AC, and back home from FAU, I finally have some pics of my suit Niko. At the diner our local group goes to after the monthly bowling meet, a few of us suited up to make a birthday presentation. In the middle of it low and behold Xavier himself shows up in his new Scribble suit! Here's a pic for you tall suit lovers. To my right is Brownee Bear. Pic snapped by 4tb

Introducing Kaleetan

So, I joined this community a few months ago mostly to see how other people cope with being tall and being a fursuiter. Now I have a fursuit of my own to be way too tall in.

Here is my standing in a standard doorway for reference. With the suit on and wearing shoes(not in this picture) I am about 6'11" and about 6'7" out of costume

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The suit was made by klickitat_bear, matrices and to a much lesser extent Myself.
I posted an intro here, but i found, that out of suit I am 6'3" and in suit i reach about 6'7"

There have been improvements to my suit from FWA to AC. Mostly the Airbrushing of the body suit. Makes him look a lot better in pictures.